According to reports discussed during the meeting, 70 percent of imports into the occupied Palestinian territory were from Israel, and that 80 percent of Palestinian exports were to Israel, highlighting Palestinian economic dependency on Israel.

Meanwhile, only 9 percent of Palestinian exports were to Jordan, while only 6 percent of Palestinian imports were from the Hashemite kingdom. The head of the Palestinian business forum, Muhammad Nafith al-Herbawi, said that the trade rate between the two economies had not increased in the past 20 years, even though many goods could successfully be traded.

The 100 Palestinian and Jordanian businessmen and women participating in the meeting, along with Jordanian officials also present, anticipated a $2 billion growth in trade between the two neighbors in the upcoming few years.

The project was launched in order to establish new investments between Palestinian and Jordanian businesses, alongside reinforcing existing investments, in an effort to counter Palestinian dependency on Israeli markets.