Barghouti added that Turgeman’s extreme racist declarations indicate the real policy of Natenyahu’s government and its racist practices against Palestinians by depriving them from their basic human rights.

Barghouti pointed that having no Israeli comment on Turgeman’s statements confirms that these statements represent his ideology and the occupation government’s racism, as no one from the municipal council or the government called for his resignation after referring to Palestinians as “animals.”

Barghouti stated that judaization and settlement construction in Jerusalem, as well as trying to eradicate its population, are crimes against humanity and a planned ethnic cleansing of the region.

He called for confronting Israeli politicians, and supporting people of Jerusalem as well as families of  prisoners and martyrs.

Barghouti concluded by declaring that resistance, boycott escalation, implementing sanctions and calling for Israel to be accountable for its oppression of Palestinians is the only way to deter the occupation.