Palestinian activist Shamikh Badra said a group of Australia activists started a 300km march from Sidney to Canberra, which will last for 10 days, to hand a petition over to the Australian parliament to demand the recognition of Palestine.

Badra stressed the importance of such initiatives to attain recognition of the Palestinian statehood, and to call for applying the Fourth Geneva Convention to the Occupied Palestinian Territories within the 1967 boundaries.  He noted that the Palestinian state should be established on the ashes of the Israeli occupation and not under its umbrella.

He added that the right to resist the Israeli occupation of Palestine is legitimate as long as there is an occupation and this right does not contradict with the recognition of Palestine.

Badra encouraged a follow-up to the International Court of Justice in The Hague, which ruled that the Israeli separation wall in the West Bank, must be removed.

Coupled with the Goldstone report, Badra added, such decisions and reports complete the circle to bring Israel to justice with the help of other countries and institutions in the world that state their opposition to Israel’s occupation of Palestine and its condemnation of Israel’s violations of international laws and conventions