Youngster-killed-3-left-injured-by-PA-forces-near-Balata-camp A Palestinian youth was killed and three others were injured by the Palestinian Authority (PA) forces in eastern Nablus province on Wednesday.
Medics at the Rafidia Hospital, in Nablus, said youngster Dhia Araysha, from the Balata refugee camp, succumbed to the wounds inflicted by bullet fire randomly discharged by the PA troops earlier in the morning.
Local sources said four Palestinian young men, including Dhia, were driving near the al-Ghawi crossroads between the Balata camp and the Askar camp, in eastern Nablus, while they were arbitrarily shot by the PA forces.
PA police spokesman Adnan Dhmeiri claimed the PA troops responded to gunshots fired by the youngsters.
Fatah MP Jamal al-Tiraoui denied the PA version, saying the youths did not hold weapons. The four injured Palestinian youths were transferred to the Rafidia hospital, where Dhia was announced dead shortly afterwards.
A video released by Palestinian locals shortly after the attack showed a youngster bleeding on the ground. The three other casualties were identified as Muhammad Marshoud al-Sous, Ahamd al-Srouji, and another youth from the Ishtiyeh family.
Calls were, meanwhile, launched via the mosque loudspeakers to donate blood for the four young men. On the same day, PA’s former media official Riyad al-Hassan was arrested by the PA police.
On Monday, al-Hassan demanded arrangements to travel via the Karama crossing but a travel-ban was slapped on him.
On September 17, al-Hassan published an article entitled “The Untold Story in Gaza” criticizing the Wafa News Agency, which he had chaired over the past four years, for its biased policies against its Gazan staff members.
Observers said the arrest was carried out on account of al-Hassan’s article accusing the PA Broadcasting Corporation of corruption.
As a retaliatory response, the PA charged al-Hassan with obtaining cash advances from the Broadcasting Corporation amounting to $200,000. PA sources further accused al-Hassan of illegally providing salaries for many of his relatives and acquaintances abroad.

Hassan was appointed as the chairman of the Palestine Broadcasting Corporation Board of Trustees by the PA President Mahmoud Abbas on June 19, 2012