Spokesman for the strike, Samed Sanawber, said the move is a remainder to the PA of the teachers’ demands which were overlooked by Abbas last year.
A strike of a similar kind was suspended last year following an initiative put forth by Abbas. “But none of Abbas’s promises saw the day,” said Sanawber. “We’re not in a warfare with the teachers’ union. But the vast majority of the teaching staff do not trust it anymore.”
The teachers’ demands include amending retirement legislation, promotions, raises, and free tuition at public universities for teachers’ children, among other demands.
Sanawber vowed that teachers will keep up protest moves until their demands see the day and their tragic situation is enhanced. Media official at the Teachers’ Union Helmi Hamdan rejected the partial strike, dubbing it “unjustified and arbitrary.”
“Some of the teachers’ demands have been partially met while others are about to enter the execution phase. It’s just a matter of time,” claimed Hamdan. According to Hamdan, the teachers’ demands should be spoken up for by the Teachers’ Union only, claiming “too many captains will sink the ship.

” Sometime earlier, the Ramallah-headquartered Ministry of Education and Higher Education expressed its firm rebuff of any projected strikes, allegedly after the government has paid 90 million shekels over the past six months in entitlement dues. The ministry added that the only reference for teachers’ activism and protests is the Teachers’ Union.