A group of Gaza-based activist has produced an amateur video-clip dedicated to  Baha’a Elayyan whose body was returned by the Israeli occupation forced after being held for for 325 days after his death. Only 25 people were allowed to attend Elayyan’s funeral, and his family was made to pay a 20,000 shekel ($5,292) “insurance fee” to make sure they abided by the rules set by Israel


Elayyan  is remembered as an young intellectual involved in cultural activities in East Jerusalem. He was  a scout leader, and the founder of the “reading chain” around the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem in 2014.

Lyrics of the song are adopted from Egyptian poet’s Ayman Bakri’s poem “Appeal to the Land”, composed the late musician Ammar Shreiey, and performed by Palestinian activist Haidar Eid.