end the Israeli occupation of all occupied Arab territories including the Syrian Golan (Heights).
” The government of Israel has not only rejected the resolutions of international legitimacy and the comprehensive Arab peace initiative, but seeks to impose a fait accompli through long-term plans to build settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem, he said. Israel’s leaders have failed to resolve any issue. The Palestinian people are more devoted to their rights than ever, according to his statements.

“Israel has either to go for the two-state solution or to opt for establishing a system of apartheid in the 21st century.” On the other hand, Qatari Emir called on the Security Council to stop the brutal killing of Syrians. There were many violations, but these phenomena, which marred the revolution could not be understood in isolation from the barbaric policy of repression applied by the Syrian regime and the inability of the international community to protect the civilians against the chemical weapons, bomb barrels and policy of torture, he charged. Concerning the Libyan situation, Qatari Emir expressed hope for “restoring stability through the efforts of the Presidential Council and the present government backed by the international community and to confronting terrorism and tackling its serious effects