The head of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS), Qadoura Fares, criticized on Sunday the inability of Palestinian civil society and security organizations to find a solution to end the suffering of Palestinian hunger strikers Malik al-Qadi and brothers Muhammad and Mahmoud Balboul, who have all gone more than two months without food in protest of being held by Israel without charges.

In a statement released Sunday, Fares demanded that Palestinian organizations take a firm position against Israel’s government, security services, and judicial authorities regarding the hunger-striking prisoners.
He highlighted the importance of participating in solidarity events with Palestinian hunger-striking prisoners, and warned of the shame that would befall all parties involved should one of the hunger strikers die, as lawyers have repeatedly warned that death could come at any moment for each of them.He also called upon Palestinian parties to boycott Israeli courts, especially in light of the ongoing administrative detention orders against al-Qadi and the Balbouls, which were all temporarily suspended earlier this month until their health conditions improved.
However, the prisoners have steadfastly committed to their hunger strikes until they are completely released from administrative detention.
Meanwhile in the Gaza Strip, the Waed Captive and Liberators Society organized a solidarity event for the hunger strikers on Sunday in front of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights building in Gaza City.The society’s spokesperson, Abdullah Qindeil, called upon international institutes to conduct immediate procedures to stop the suffering of Palestinian hunger striking prisoners. “We are sending a message to the international community and High Commissioner for Human Rights to take serious steps towards stopping Palestinian prisoners’ suffering, especially the suffering of hunger-strikers, amid the dangerous deterioration of their health.”