The six women started their project five years ago when the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Association implemented some projects in the village, including a bee farm.

Nidaa Salameh, one of the women working in the project, said, “At first, we had to learn how to deal with the bees. We learned more as the project advanced

We have two shifts. Three or four of us work at the same time. We have 35 operating cells now,” she added.

Nemeh Hamayel, another women, said, “The project is a message that Palestinian women are strong and they can achieve a lot of things. They can do things men can do including taking care of the bees, despite that fact that dealing with bees requires extra care to avoid being stung.”

The bees produce two types of honey which is then sold and the profits divided among the women.

The women hope to expand their project and to include more cells to produce more honey. “At the moment, the project is enough to provide the basic things for our families,” they said