Abeer’s son, Mahmoud Hmeidat, himself an ex-prisoner, said his mother has completely memorized the Holy Koran in the Israeli HaSharon prison.
Kidnapped by the Israeli occupation army from her own family home in Surif town on November 16, 2015, Abeer continued memorization of 12 Hizbs (sections) in less than 11 months, during which she has been subjected to critical diseases and exhaustive inter-prison transfers.
Torn from the nourishment of home and the warmth of family, Palestinians have often resorted to the Holy Koran as a psychic outlet to mitigate the traumatic upshots of psycho-physical torture in Israeli jails.
The Holy Koran consists of 60 sections comprising 114 Sourahs (chapters) overall. According to Muslims’ common expectations, committing Koran to memory takes an average of three years. Memorizers of Koran are very much revered within the Muslim community.

Preaching love, peace, justice, and tolerance, and repudiating hatred, violence, and discrimination, the Holy Quran is incontestably the only book, divine or secular, that has been memorized from beginning to end by millions of people around the world.