The Israeli Supreme Court’s decision follows an initial offer by the public prosecution to the Palestinian Committee of Prisoner’s Affairs that has been representing the brothers, according to Eyad Misk, head of the legal unit of the committee.

The court order states that the Balboul brothers are to be kept in hospital until their health conditions improve after which another court session will be held to either release or sentence them again

The committee’s lawyer rejected the order, instead demanding an immediate release of the brothers and a complete end to their administrative detention.

Misk emphasized that both brothers have been on hunger strike for more than two months, and remain determined to continue their strikes until they are completely released from administrative detention.

Brothers Mahmoud and Muhammad Balboul began their hunger strikes on July 4 and 7 respectively. The brothers were detained on June 9 and sentenced to administrative detention shortly before their younger sister Nuran, 16, was released after spending four months in an Israeli prison.

The hunger strikers have experienced deteriorating health, as both brothers were rushed to the intensive care unit of two Israeli hospitals within a few days of each other when their health  took a turn for the worse.