.Israeli-forces-shoot-Palestinian-youth-in-leg-beat-another-in-front-of-family-during-raidsPPS lawyer Jacqueline Fararjeh visited the two prisoners who were assaulted, stating that one detainee, 18-year-old Yousef Wajeeh Thawabta from the village of Beit Fajjar in the Bethlehem district of the occupied West Bank, said that Israeli soldiers shot him in the leg with a live bullet, and the other with a dumdum — a type of bullet which expands upon hitting its target.Thawabta had previously spent one and a half years in Israeli prison. Meanwhile, Fararjeh said 19-year-old Muhammad Hamza al-Kurdi from Bethlehem’s Aida refugee camp reported being assaulted and “violently beaten” in front of his family by Israeli soldiers at the time they detained him. Al-Kurdi is also a former detainee who spent two and a half years in Israeli prison. The statement added that the court sessions for both Thawabta and al-Kurdi were scheduled to be held on Thursday in Israel’s Ofer prison. Palestinians routinely report mistreatment during detention raids, with Israeli forces commonly assaulting and beating Palestinian youths. Israeli forces typically detain Palestinians at night, sometimes quietly entering Palestinian homes, while other times hundreds of Israeli soldiers enter the communities, often erupting into clashes between the soldiers and Palestinian youths.