Local sources told Ma’an that bulldozers under Israeli military protection placed huge concrete blocks and earth mounds in the middle of the entrance late on Monday, blocking the road only a few meters away from the village farmers’ market.Other side roads near Beita and the nearby village of Huwwara were also closed, they said. An Israeli army spokesperson told Ma’an that following “repeated” stone-throwing on Israeli settlers’ vehicles on the road adjacent to Beita and Huwwara, several roads between the two villages were being closed “in order to curtail threats.”
The spokesperson could not immediately specify whether any Israelis had been injured in stone-throwing incidents in the area recently.Palestinian sources told Ma’an that Israeli authorities had notified the Palestinian liaison office that all the roads which had been reopened two weeks ago for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha would be closed again.The occupied West Bank has seen an increase in military road closures since October, when a wave of unrest first erupted across the occupied Palestinian territory and Israel, with 230 Palestinians killed by Israelis and 32 Israelis killed by Palestinians since, resulting in periodic military blockades of Palestinian villages, towns, checkpoints, and entire districts.
Israel has come under harsh international condemnation for its response to alleged attacks, which rights groups have said amounted to “collective punishment” and represents a clear violation of international law.