Israeli-court-adjourns-trial-of-terrorists-charged-with-burning-DawabshehAn Israeli court on Monday adjourned the trial of the Israeli arsonists who burned the Palestinian 18-month-old toddler Ali Dawabsheh and his parents alive.
Activist Nasser Dawabsheh said the Israeli Lod District Court in 1948 Occupied Palestine refused, following two hearings, to release the minor involved in the arson crime on account of a secret file.
Another attorney was appointed by the Israeli court to defend the arsonists’ case after formerly-assigned lawyer gave up the case. The court told the family’s lawyer that it will provide him with the projected dates for future court hearings.
According to Dawabsheh, earlier the Israeli court acquitted 15 members of the terrorist Israeli Price Tag Gangs involved in the arson attack on the Dawabshehs and kept only two in custody. A group of activists rallied outside the court hall to push for the prosecution of the Israeli terrorists involved in the crime.
By the end of July 2015, Israeli terrorists set fire to the Dawabsheh’s family home in Nablus’s southern town of Duma, burning 18-month-old Ali alive.

Ali’s parents, Saad and Reham, succumbed to their burns shortly afterwards. The only survivor in the attack is Ali’s five-year-old brother, Ahmad.