Local activist Mohamed Abu Humas told the PIC reporter that some of the notified homes were built more than three decades ago.
The notified apartments are home for at least 250 people including children and women, he pointed out.
Abu Humas expressed deep fear of a new Israeli “massacre” against the buildings which some of them include eight apartments while others include four apartments. He called on human rights institutions to intervene immediately to stop the Israeli demolition orders that came as part of “the Israeli revenge policy against the Issawiya residents for their participation in the Jerusalem Intifada.”
For its part, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry condemned the international community’s neglect of the Palestinian families’ suffering, saying that they are not just numbers.
The ministry held the Israeli government fully responsible for the serious implications of its demolition policy.

It also called on the international community to bear its moral, political, and legal responsibility towards the Palestinian people’s suffering. Time has come to prosecute Israel’s war crimes, the ministry stressed.