Israel-extends remand of a-Palestinian-woman-for-alleged-stab-attempt.Israeli police spokesperson Luba al-Samri said in a statement that Israeli police suspected the the woman while she was walking in Hebron’s Old City in the southern occupied West Bank, searched her, and found a knife in her bag.

She was then transferred to interrogation, when she allegedly confessed to planning an attack against Israeli police officers, according to al-Samri.
Al-Samri added in her statement that the woman, who she did not identify, was previously detained and convicted three times by Israeli security forces for knife possession at Israeli military checkpoints in Hebron.
Israeli forces also detained two Palestinian teenagers for allegedly carrying knives near the Ibrahimi mosque in the Old City of Hebron on Sunday.
Israeli forces have detained a number of Palestinians for allegedly being in possession of knives in recent months following a spate of attacks by Palestinians which has left some 32 Israelis dead since October.
In the same time period, 220 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces and settlers, scores of which have been killed in Hebron. While Israel alleges many of those were attempting to attack Israelis when they were shot, Palestinians and rights groups have disputed Israel’s version of events in a number of cases.
Meanwhile, Israel’s interrogation practices have long been a target of scrutiny and condemnation by rights group who have documented numerous cases of Israeli intelligence officers forcing confessions — particularly of Palestinian children — by various unlawful measures including torture.
Mistreatment of Palestinians in the Hebron area has also been common since the city was divided in the 1990s after a US-born settler, Baruch Goldstein, massacred 29 Palestinians inside the Ibrahimi Mosque.
The majority of the city was placed under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority, while the Old City and surrounding areas were placed under Israeli military control in a sector known as H2