A report published by the Palestinian Detainees Affairs said Israel arrested 30 Palestinian minors last month and fined them 65,000 Shekels, at the Ofer military prison.Israel-Arrests-30-Palestinian-Minors-Fines-Them-65,000-Shekels

Luai Akka, the lawyer for the Prisoners’ body told Safa News Agency that some of these minors were as young as 13-years-old and most of them were subjected to humiliation and torture during arrest, interrogation and transfer to other police centers.

Akka added that 17 of the minors were arrested from their houses, five from the street, four while passing Israeli checkpoints and four after being summoned for interrogation.

Three minors were placed under administrative detention orders, and the rest had sentences ranging from one to 45 months in prison.

Akka listened to the testimony of Mousa Khanafsa, 14, from Jerusalem who said he was subjected to beating and torture. He was beaten with the back of  a gun on his nose, as well as in his stomach and back, resulting in serious injury