IOF-takes-measurements-of-Palestinian-prisoner’s-homeReporting from Yatta town, in the southern occupied West Bank, a PIC news reporter said dozens of Israeli vehicles and military jeeps escorted by engineering units, broke into the home of prisoner Younis Ayesh Zein, 22, and forced the family members out before they took measurements of the home and hollowed out the walls in preparation for the demolition procedure.
Zein was arrested by the Israeli occupation army last June on allegations of planning an anti-occupation attack carried out by the two prisoners Khaled and Muhammad Mukhamreh in Tel Aviv.
Meanwhile, a military checkpoint was abruptly pitched by the IOF at the main entrance to the Fawar refugee camp, blocking Palestinians’ access to their schools and workplaces. A PIC news correspondent said the checkpoint was set up at the peak hours, from 7:30 a.m to 9 a.m., resulting in queues of school children, workers, and vehicles, all lined up in the streets. The occupation soldiers further inspected Palestinian IDs and stopped cars at the checkpoint. Several schoolchildren were also detained for long hours because they did not carry their personal IDs and were released only after their parents showed up at the scene