“How can Muslim accept Jews drinking alcohol and dancing at the gravesite that contains the remains of known figures of the early Islam,” asked a Palestinian.

Israel this week hosted a beer festival on the grounds of a prominent historic Muslim cemetery in occupied Jerusalem, Gulf News reported

Insult -to -Injury- Israel -to- Hold -Beer -Fest -Atop -Muslim -Cemetery

The local Israeli military authority had already dredged vast swaths of the Maamanallah cemetery and removed most of the graves, renaming it “Independence Park.” But Palestinians say the two-day beer festival is adding insult to injury and is intended as a clear provocation.

The event is said to be as insulting to Muslims as was Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount in 2000 that triggered the second Intifada, or uprising.

The festival aims to humiliate Muslims and insult their culture,” Palestinian activist, Mazen Abu Qalbain, told Gulf News, adding, “The festival has truly become a tradition ripe with vicious provocation.”

According to an announcement for the event, the festival will feature “120 different varieties of local and international beers”. “How can Muslim accept Jews drinking alcohol and dancing at the grave-site that contains the remains of famous figures of early Islam,” Qalbain told Gulf News