.Gunmen-reportedly-shoot, kill-Egyptian-police-officer-in-North-Sinai

The sources told Ma’an that unidentified gunmen fired several rounds from a moving vehicle at a police officer and fled the scene. The officer received fatal gunshots to the head and he was identified as 40-year-old Jalal Muhammad Suleiman. The attack was the seventh of its kind in 30 days, the sources highlighted. A group of gunmen have recently targeted Egyptian officers in “lone-wolf” shooting attacks in al-Arish city, and Egyptian authorities have been unable to identify the attackers, the sources said.

The Egyptian army killed more than 30 suspected gunmen on June 29, when it launched multiple airstrikes at bunkers reportedly used by the Sinai Province group in the northern Sinai Peninsula, Egyptian security sources told Ma’an.
Since Egyptian President Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi took power from democratically-elected Muhammad Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2013, the northern Sinai region has seen a spike in violence, marked by armed fighting between Egyptian military and police forces and militant groups.
Civilians have also come under fire amid the violence, most recently on Thursday when two civilians were reportedly killed and one injured in a mortar shell attack that struck a family home in the border city of Rafah.
According to Daily News Egypt, the mortar was launched by the Sinai Province — the militant group responsible for a majority of attacks on military personnel in the Sinai Peninsula — who had attempted to target a nearby security checkpoint and missed.