My name is Eman Almassri. I’m from Gaza, where there is no electricity, no jobs, no gas, and no life.

I graduated from al-Aqsa University and tried to travel in order to complete my studies in English Literature but it is not allowed because the Israeli siege and the closed Rafah crossing.

I cannot see my brothers, who have lived in Egypt since 2003. Also I cannot visit my relatives who live abroad.

In the last war on Gaza we suffered a lot and we left our house. Do you know how you’d feel if you found yourself without anywhere to live?


We never felt safe in our homeland.

The wars on Gaza didn’t just kill us, but our dreams too.

The barbaric Israeli siege prevents us from living as all people around the world do.

Because of this, we boycott Israel and we ask every single person who seeks freedom, justice and equality to boycott Israel.