before submitting a decision in this regard soon to the European Court of Justice, according to Israel’s Channel 10 on Thursday.
This apparently came after advocate-general of the court Eleanor Sharpston, whose advice is usually followed by judges and decision-makers, recommended on Thursday that the court of justice should reject an appeal filed by the Council of Europe against the lower EU court’s decision in late 2014 to remove Hamas from the terror and sanctions lists due to flawed procedures.
Sharpston said the EU governments should present evidence on its claims against Hamas and refrain from relying on information from news reports and other countries like the US. Sharpston’s remarks reflected an order issued by the EU’s second highest tribunal in December 2014 calling for striking out Hamas from the European list of designated terrorist groups.

At the time, this lower court had ruled that the decision to include Hamas on the EU terror list was based merely on media and internet reports and thus must be revoked. Soon later, the EU appealed against the ruling to the European Court of Justice.