The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) at dawn Friday kidnapped nine Palestinian citizens from the West Bank provinces. Reporting from Jenin, a PIC news correspondent said nine Israeli army jeeps rolled into Sanour town, to the south of Jenin, and kidnapped the youngster Redha Habaybeh after they wreaked havoc on his home and attacked his family.
A military checkpoint was pitched by the IOF in the area shortly afterwards. Over the past ten days, the IOF had sealed off the main entrances to Jenin’s western town of Rumana and Zabouba with military checkpoints. Meanwhile, Bethlehem-based sources said the occupation troops stormed the Duheisheh refugee camp, to the south, and kidnapped the 17-year-old minor Muhammad Abdul Kareem Hajajreh after they ravaged his family home. Five more Palestinian youngsters, in their 20’s of age, were kidnapped by the IOF from their own family homes in the camp. Violent clashes burst out following the assault.
The IOF attacked the Palestinian protesters with randomly-shot spates of teargas canisters. Photojournalist Abdul Rahman Hassan, youngster Samer al-Shenteer, and Ali Taqatqa were also summoned to questioning in process. Two brothers, Moussa and Udai al-Musalmeh, were kidnapped from Beit Awa, in western al-Khalil, shortly after the occupation troops broke into their family home and ravaged it.

The IOF soldiers further broke into the home of the slain Palestinian youth Dhiaa Talahmeh, in Dura town, and summoned his brothers, along with ex-prisoner Mahmoud al-Fasfous, to interrogation. A few hours earlier, the IOF kidnapped 42-year-old Hussein al-Akhras from his workplace in al-Bireh city. A native of the blockaded Gaza Strip, al-Akhras arrived to al-Bireh some three days ago in search for a livelihood.