This came after the body of Hamdouni, who died at the Ramla prison hospital on Sunday, underwent forensic examination at Abu Kabir Forensic Institute in Tel Aviv in the presence of two Palestinian medical practitioners.
The commission blamed the Israeli authorities for Hamdouni’s death, which it said was a result of their deliberate medical negligence. A preliminary Israeli autopsy has claimed the cause of death of 40-year-old Hamdouni was cardiomegaly, a condition in which the heart is enlarged and can lead to sudden cardiac death.
Initial reports indicated the prisoner had died of either a stroke or a heart attack. The Commission said that the autopsy of Hamdouni’s body was carried out in the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute in Tel Aviv with the participation of two Palestinian doctors — Ashraf al-Qadi and Rayan Ali.
Two lawyers from the Committee, Iyad Misk and Karim Ajwa, also attended autopsy. The commission held the Israeli prison authorities responsible for Hamdouni’s death, saying the casualty was not treated for the critical cardiovascular disorders he had been suffering despite his frequent cries for help.
According to the Palestinian prisoners’ solidarity network Samidoun, during his internment inside Israel’s Nafha prison, Hamdouni had also gone on hunger strike in protest at his medical neglect solitary confinement. He finally underwent a cardiac catheterization surgery in Israel’s Afoula hospital in January 2015 but remained in a serious health condition as a result of inadequate medical follow-up.
Shortly after the autopsy, Israeli ambulances carrying Hamdouni’s body headed to the Jalama military checkpoint to hand it over to the Palestinian authorities. Qadri Kabeesa, a relative of Hamdouni, called on the Palestinian masses to join the funeral, set to be held sometime on Tuesday. Prisoners in Israeli jails announced a three-day hunger strike after reports emerged on Hamdouni’s death across Israeli penitentiaries.
The Palestinian Prisoners Society said Hamdouni succumbed to a stroke caught in the Ramon jail moments after he was transferred to the Israeli Soroka Hospital.

A native of the village of Yaabad, in the northern occupied West Bank district of Jenin, Hamdouni was arrested by the Israeli occupation army in June, 2003. The detainee had been serving a life sentence in Israeli lock-ups before he was announced dead on Sunday morning