Amal-II-joins-her-sister-on-way-to-Gaza-shoresAccording to the head of the International Commission to Break the Siege on Gaza, Zaher al-Biraoui, while Amal-Hope II showed up late, she is fully ready to join the Women’s Boat to Gaza on its next leg of the journey.
The two sister boats will depart on Wednesday for their final destination, the shores of Gaza. The original Amal-Hope remained in Barcelona due to mechanical difficulties.
Due to the smaller size of Amal II, a number of female activists will not be able to sail to Gaza.
Al-Biraoui said the number of participants onboard the flotilla will be reduced based on a very precise mechanism that grants participation to representatives of different nationalities, media organizations, and medical staff.
Among those who will not be onboard, are the prominent Tunisian MP Latifa Habashi and Al-Jazeera news correspondent Khadija Benguenna.
Al-Biraoui apologized to the eliminated activists and thanked them for their understanding and cooperation despite the deep sadness inflicted by the decision.
“The fact that I will no longer enjoy the privilege of sailing to Gaza shores just makes me feel so sad deep inside,” said Khadeeja Benguenna on Facebook