Reporting from the southern occupied West Bank province of al-Khalil, a PIC news correspondent said the IOF rolled into the city’s northern refugee camp of al-Arroub at dawn time and kidnapped five Palestinian youths. The occupation troops reportedly wreaked havoc on civilian homes, including the family home of the slain Palestinian Khaled Jawabreh. The list of captives included, Seif, the nephew of slain Muhammad Aziz Rushdi.
Clashes burst out in the area, where the Israeli army patrols attacked the Palestinian protesters with randomly-unleashed waves of teargas canisters. The IOF further stormed Nablus at predawn time and sealed off the main access roads to the Palestinian towns of Hawara, Beit, Ourata, and Odla. At the same time, the IOF soldiers broke into Jenin’s southern corners and subjected Palestinian locals to intensive interrogation, before they sealed off the area with military checkpoints.

A PIC news reporter said seven Israeli military patrols deployed at the Jalama crossroads, to the north of Jenin, stormed Qabatiya and Merka, to the south, and raked through residential neighborhoods. Another sweep launched by the IOF in Occupied Jerusalem culminated in the abduction of three Palestinian youngsters from the Shua’fat refugee camp, to the northeast. Violent clashes burst out shortly after the assault, as Palestinian civilians expressed their protest at such arbitrary abductions. The IOF showered Palestinian civilian homes with teargas canisters all the way through the assault. A spy balloon kept, meanwhile, soaring over Occupied Jerusalem moments before the sweep.