palestinians-hope-to-see-policy-change-in-UK-following-Corbyn's-electionIn a press release on Monday, the forum also hoped that Corbyn would play a major role in defending the rights of minorities in the British society. Corbyn, a noted supporter of the Palestinian rights, won almost 62 percent of over 500,000 votes cast by Labour members and supporters.
His challenger, Welsh lawmaker Owen Smith, got 38 per cent in a result announced last Saturday at the party’s conference in Liverpool, northwest England.
The Labour leader is a patron of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and vocally supports the international boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel.
He has visited Gaza in 2010 and other Palestinian areas several times as well as refugee camps in Lebanon and Syria. He also participated in marches in support of Gaza during Israel’s military aggression in 2014.