If you must read Dennis Ross’ Doomed to Succeed: The US-Israel-Relationship from Truman to Obama, take some sedatives because you are doomed to scream in agony.

A survey of seven decades of US diplomacy towards Israel, the book is a reflection of the author’s own mindset as much as it is about the mindset of those who manage, nurture and protect the “special relationship” between the United States and Israel. And it’s nauseating.What's-special-about-the-US-Israel-relationship?

Ross doesn’t hold back. After serving four decades in successive US administrations, he is clearly eager to set the record straight, not only about Washington’s approach to Israel, but about his unshaken loyalty to the “Jewish State”.

Like Colonel Nathan Jessup in A Few Good Men, Dennis the menace is eager to reveal his role on behalf of Israel, and the book is just a way of leading him to his desired destination.

It surpasses his last book The Missing Peace, to reveal not only his personal experiences but also his inner thinking. It is hypocritical and avowedly one-sided.

Three objectives

The book is set up to demonstrate three main points:

1 Israel is always right.

2 It follows that the US is right only when it sides with Israel, and also defends its belligerence, and rewards it for its aggression and obstruction.

3 American leaders don’t learn from the lessons of their predecessors who repeatedly, naively and erroneously give weight to Arab positions on Israel, when according to Ross, Palestine is not the Arabs’ priority.This is no surprise coming from Ross. After all, he is the head of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee’s auxiliary think-tank, The Washington Institute for Near East Studies, and co-chairman of the Iran Task Force of the warmongering Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, a group that promotes relations between the US and Israeli militaries and has been critical of the Obama administration’s nuclear negotiations with Iran