The United Nations Coordinator for Humanitarian Assistance and Development Aid in the occupied Palestinian territory, Mr. Robert Piper, said in a Statement  on Israel’s continued practice of administrative detention “I am deeply concerned about the deteriorating health of Palestinian detainee Bilal Kayed, after 67 days of a hunger strike protesting his detention without charge or trial.

United-Nations-Coordinator-for-Humanitarian-Assistance -we-are-deeply-concerned-about-the-deteriorating-health-of-detainee-Kayed

He added on his Statement that PNN received  that this is an egregious case, in which Mr. Kayed was placed on administrative detention on the day of his scheduled release after completing a 14.5 year prison sentence.

Six other detainees, including journalist Omar Nazzal, are also on hunger strike in protest against their administrative detention and prolonged solitary confinement. A further 100 Palestinian prisoners in prisons across Israel have undertaken hunger strikes in solidarity.

The number of administrative detainees is at an eight-year high. I reiterate the United Nations long-standing position that all administrative detainees – Palestinian or Israeli – should be charged or released without delay.”