The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) has revealed that young people aged 15-29 now comprise of 30 percent of the 4.82 million Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. The PCBS also revealed that the birth ratehas fallen compared to 2011-2013.

In a report released on the eve of International Youth Day celebrated on August 12, the PCBS said that 14 percent of households are headed by young people, while 72 percent have at least one young person in them.Statistics-Reveal-that-30%-of-Palestinians-are-Under-Thirty-as-Birth-Rate-Falls

Using statistics from 2015, it noted that around 68 percent of these young people have never been married, 4 percent are engaged for the first time, and 28 percent are married

Data for first quarter of 2016 indicates that 41 percent of young people are economically active, although the unemployment rate among the target group stands at 39 percent.

The highest unemployment rate is among those aged 20-24 years, at 43 percent, 39 percent for 25-29 year-olds, and 35 percent for 15-19 year-olds. While 51 percent of graduates were unemployed in the first quarter of 2016, the figure was 55 percent for those with no higher education

The 2015 survey of transition of youth from school to the labour market showed that 16 percent of young people aged 15-29 years have permanent jobs. However, 84 percent play no part in the labour force or are in temporary positions expected to last less than 12 months