The Palestinian Prime Minister, Rami Hamdallah on Wednesday issued a statement condemning Israel’s use of ‘disproportionate violence’ against Palestinian children, citing the deadly shooting of 15-year old Mahmoud Rafat Badran, who was shot early on Tuesday by Israeli occupation soldiers while traveling with his family.Palestinian-PM-renews-call-for-International-Protection’

Hours after the shooting, the Israeli army admitted to have mistakenly shot and killed Mahmoud, and that he had nothing to do with alleged attacks on Israeli settler vehicles.

Four other Palestinian youths were also injured in the shooting

The statement added that Israeli military systematically and brutally enacts disproportional violence against young Palestinians. According to Defense for Children International, Israel arrests about 500-700 Palestinian children every year.

Since October of last year more than fifty Palestinian children have been killed by Israel, some of whom were extrajudicially executed.