The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms, MADA, on Saturday said Israeli violations against media freedoms in the occupied Palestinian territory had continued to rise at a rapid pace over the first half of 2016.


The increase came even after the group reported an “unprecedented” increase in violations throughout 2015, which was “the highest ever to be monitored in Palestine” since the group started monitoring violations against media freedoms more than a decade ago.

MADA recorded a 17 percent escalation of violations by Israeli authorities during the first half of 2016

MADA General Director, Moussa Rimawi, said in the semi-annual report a total of 133 violations committed by Israel were recorded, compared to 43 in the occupied West Bank and 22 in the Gaza Strip, committed by Palestinian authorities.

Rimawi noted that, “Israeli violations are considered as the most grave and dangerous,” not only in terms of quantity, but in terms of their severity.

Of the 15 different types of violations in MADA’s documentation, the top most common committed by Israel were physical attacks, arrests, confiscation of equipment, prevention of coverage, and detentions