Israeli occupation authorities in Jerusalem have handed the body of Palestinian, Mohammed Jamal Alkalouti, 21, to his family today at dawn to finally bury him after holding his body for five months.


The funeral of Alkalouti, according to conditions stipulated by the occupation authorities, will allow only 25 immediate relatives to attend the funeral and the family had to pay a 20,000 NIS refundable fine. The body of was released 48 hours prior to the burial time.

The Israeli occupation authorities intensified their presence in the city by deploying more forces and setting up more checkpoints. Palestinian youth and journalists who tried to participate in the funeral and cover it were arrested.

Alkalouti was killed on March, 6, 2016 near Alamoud Gate in Jerusalem after IDF soldiers hunted him for two hours following a shooting at a bus belonging to Israeli settlers in Jerusalem.

Israel holds the bodies of dozens of Palestinians as a form of punishment to their families. Many were killed since October 2015 in clashes with IDF soldiers in the West Bank