An Israeli decision to deny a Palestinian patient from Gaza a permit without a justification has caused his death.

Israeli occupation forces arrested, Yousef Younis, 19, from Gaza for 13 days subjecting him to torture and humiliation at Askalan detention center. He was later released by an Israeli court without being charged. Younis suffered from Leukemia, and needed treatment outside Gaza.Israel-Denies-Gaza-Patient-Permit-Resulting-in-his-Death

He was granted another Israeli permit allowing him he travel to Hadasa Hospital in Jerusalem and was scheduled for surgery in July. He returned to Gaza to wait for his appointment during which time he received a call from the Israeli Intelligence Service asking him to collaborate in return for receiving a permit, which he refused

Younis died on August 8, 2016 while waiting for his permit.

Almizan Centre for Human Rights issued a statement condemning the Israeli measure, saying, “Israel does not abide by International law and human rights in its treatment of civilians in the Gaza Strip. Israel does not pay attention to the fate of Palestinian patients in Gaza. Israel has arrested 20 Palestinians at Eretz checkpoint since January, four of whom were patients.”

Almezan documented 67 cases in which Israel delayed issuing permits for Palestinian patients from the Gaza Strip. It further called on the international community to pressure Israel to stop its continuing violations and to lift Gaza’s blockade immediately, because it amounts to a war crime and further aggravates the suffering of the people of Gaza.