The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, has condemned Israel’s arrest today of Hassan Abukwick, its representative in the local elections committee in the West Bank.Israel-Arrests-Hamas-Local-Elections-Representative

Hamas spokesperson Sami Abuzuhri said “Israel’s’ arrest of Abukwick is at attempt to influence the results of the local elections and intervene in it.”

Abuzuhri called on the PA’s security forces in the West Bank to stop summoning and detaining Hamas members in the West Bank. He affirmed that this targeting by both Israel and the BA “would strengthen the movement even more.”

Hamas has called on international organizations to intervene to release Abukwick and to stop the PA’s arrest of its members in the West Bank.

Yesterday, Hamas security forces prevented Kamal Alashrafi, a Fatah leader and adviser to Mahmoud Abbas, from travelling to the West Bank, a move which Fatah has condemned