The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, B’Tselem, has revealed in a recent report that Israeli authorities have rendered 6,000 Palestinians in the West Bank displaced since 2006.B’Tselem-Israel-Displaced-6,000-Palestinians-in-the-West-Bank-Since-2006

The organization added, “Since the beginning of August 2016, Israel’s Civil Administration demolished 20 homes and 13 other structures in Palestinian communities throughout the West Bank, leaving 53 people – including 25 minors – homeless.”

In total, B’Tselem explained, Israel has demolished 188 Palestinian structures in the West Bank since January 2016.

“All the homes demolished this month were in areas defined as Area C. Nine of them were inhabited intermittently, hence their owners were not counted among the 53 persons left homeless. At least five of the demolished structures were donated by humanitarian aid organizations.”

B’Tselem cited three examples of house demolitions in the West Bank; one in the South Hebron Hills and two others in the Jordan Valley