Following an intense two year campaign, the BDS South Africa movement in support of Palestine has announced an end to the controversial #BoycottWoolworths boycott.

The #BoycottWoolworths campaign was launched in August 2014 in response to Israel’s brutal 51 day assault on Gaza during Operation protective Edge in 2014, which killed more than 2,100 Palestinians. The campaign called for the complete boycott of Woolworths due to its trade relations with Israeli


Under the National Coalition 4 Palestine (NC4P), the campaign was spearheaded by a number of prominent activist groups including BDS South Africa and the Palestine Solidarity Alliance (PSA).

BDS South Africa spokesperson Kwara Kekana announced the end of the boycott, saying: “The campaign had enormous successes over the last two years. However, having achieved several goals of the campaign we have now revisited our strategic imperatives and announce the end of the blanket boycott of Woolworths …”

Kekana added, “Included in our strategic imperatives, going forward, will be to also ensure that … no falsely-labeled Israeli products are sold in South Africa.”

Woolworths suffered brand damage and at the height of the BDS boycott, a media report stated that: “three out of every ten articles about Woolworths (outside of Twitter) referred to the boycott [of the company]