Some 135 Palestinian students from Jerusalem could not attend school this year Israel arrested most of them and killed others.

The leader of the Fatah movement in Jerusalem, Adnan Gaith, said in a statement “As the new school year kicked off, hundreds of Palestinian students cannot attend school after they were arrested and shot dead by Israel.”

135 Palestinian-Students-in-Jerusalem-Cannot-Attend-School

He added that “11 students were shot dead in Jerusalem since October 2015, and 124 students are in Israeli jails, 10 of them younger than 12.”

Gaith asserted that Israel does not abide by child protection rights and international laws, including resolutions issued by UNESCO and the Fourth Geneva Convention, which give children the right to education.

He concluded that “Israel, by targeting Palestinian children and by shooting and arresting them, aims at destroying one of the most important pillars of the Palestinian people –education.”

He added that the aim of this actions is, “to create an ignorant generation that is not aware of its cause. The Israeli occupation also introduces an Israeli version of the curricula to serve their agendas.