A Turkish ship carrying aid for Gaza has arrived in Israel, a week after Turkey and Israel agreed to restore ties which were severed after the previous aid flotilla was attacked by Israel in 2010


The ship, the Lady Leyla, docked at Ashdod port on Sunday afternoon after departing from Turkey on Friday.

Its contents are meant to be offloaded, inspected and sent to the Gaza Strip

The ship was carrying 11,000 tonnes of supplies including food packages, flour, rice, sugar and toys, Anadolu news agency reported, and is expected to reach Gaza in a few days.

Turkey signed a deal with Israel to mend negotiations despite Israel’s refusal to lift the blockade on the Gaza Strip. A compromise was reached between Israel and Turkey, allowing Turkey to send aid through Ashdod rather than directly to Gaza.

The Gaza Strip has been under an Israeli blockade and faced the assault of three wars by Israel since 2008