Palestinians are using the Pokemon Go game, which has gone viral, to highlight their plight in the face of Israel’s continuing occupation, reported.Palestinians-Use -Pokemon Go’ to-Highlight-Life-under-Israeli-Occupation

The game, which is banned in some countries and is said to breach national security in others, has gone viral though it has not officially been released in the Middle East.

Using the smartphone app, Palestinians are highlighting life under military occupation. One user tweeted an image of Pikachu lying among rubble in a site that was destroyed by Israeli shells in 2014 with the health status of the creature describing it as “Dead

Another image making the rounds features a rare Charizard out of reach for the user — because it’s over a wall that separates Israeli territory from the West Bank.

Facebook user, Abd Elrahman Salayma, from Hebron in the West Bank, joked in a status: “There is a pokémon down the street in the settlement… how the hell am i going to catch it?”

When someone advised him to “Keep on running until you catch ‘em all”, he responded: “I’m afraid to be shot if I ran toward the settlement”.