Palestinian- Government- Only -40% -of -Gaza’s -Reconstruction -Funds -Paid

“The amount of money delivered so far was 1,409 million dollars, which is 40% of the total amount and 3,507 million dollars should be paid to complete the pledged money by various donor countries.”

The Kuwaiti funds, the government said, is the largest amount delivered – 200 million dollars – which the government is following up with the Kuwaiti government to secure.

The report said that 171,000 facilities were damaged during the 2014 offensive, stating, “The government reached an agreement with the Islamic Development Bank and Qatar to provide the needed money to reconstruct houses which were completely destroyed during the offensive in particular”.

The report said infrastructure suffered $88 million worth of losses, 24% of which was paid by donor countries so far.

The damage sustained by the agricultural sector, the report stated, was $266 million, of which only $75.4 million was secured to implement 12 projects