International Quds Day in South Africa

International Quds Day in South Africa


International Quds Day is ‘about human rights’

Cape Town – The Cape Town march commemorating International Quds Day on Friday was not only a show of support for Palestine but also for human rights in general, according to Anglican priest June Major, who addressed protesters outside Parliament in Cape Town.

“I stand as a Christian, I stand as a priest in solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters, because it is about humanity and because in Palestine they all live together and in harmony,” said Major.

A significant number of women and children joined the march.Carla Bernardo / ANA. Credit: AFRICAN NEWS AGENCY

She was speaking to about 100 mostly Muslim protesters, and a notable Economic Freedom Fighters contingent, who commemorated the annual day of solidarity expressing support for Palestine while condemning Zionism and “apartheid Israel”. The day has, since 1979, been commemorated on the last Friday of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

“We know what happened in 2014 with Operation Protective Edge during the holy month of Ramadan when they declared war on Palestine,” said Major about Israel’s military action in the Gaza strip.

“It is again the month of Ramadan and water is being withheld from our people. So we stand here in solidarity,” she said.

Major said that as South Africans, a clear message should be sent to “apartheid Israel to say that you can try and kill us, you can try and destroy our mosques, our churches, but they don’t realise that the biggest mosque, the biggest church, lives in our hearts”.

“Every one that they kill, 100 will rise up and stand again,” said Major.

The Islamic Unity Convention led the march and a memorandum of demands was handed over to a representative of the international relations and co-operation department.

The demands included the immediate cessation of all military co-operation with Israel, a financial, trade, and economic embargo on all “Zionist goods and services”, and the support and protection by the South African government and business sector of all Palestinian interests.