“Our objective here today is to capture the Al Quds day,” Meir Weinstein, director of JDL Canada, said Saturday. “Stand up and expose this hate.”


JDL expressed its unconditional support of Israel and that implicitly conveys they agree to vast child killing and murder in Palestine.

JDL supporters started gathering north of Queen’s Park around 1 p.m., playing music and listening to guest speakers.

They were totally a pain in the neck during that peaceful protest in support of Palestine.

“The forces that we face thrive on fear and intimidation,” said JDL spokesman Robert Spencer. “We have to stand strong and understand that what we are facing is a group … that is lovers of everything that is evil.”

Al Quds supporters arrived around 2 p.m. and quickly outnumbered the 100 or so JDL supporters by several times.

A large presence from Toronto Police officers kept a distance between the two sides.

Al Quds supporters chanted while organizers said JDL’s accusations were merely propaganda. The Al Quds Day organizers said the event is meant to expose “Israeli war crimes” and unite Palestinians.

“We’re trying to awaken the world to what is happening in Gaza right now as well as the West Bank,” said spokesman Syed Rizvi. “We in Toronto cannot stay oblivious to the plight of individuals around the world.”

Rizvi also commented on this weekend’s Pride celebrations, saying that while he may not agree with certain lifestyles, Al Quds Day does not support violence against any person due to gender or sexuality.

At 4 p.m. the Al Quds group started a march down University Ave. where they continued their demonstration in front of the U.S. Consulate. JDL followed at a distance.

Police continued to stay between the two sides to keep them separated.